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2023 Spring/Fall Admission Guidelines & Forms for Undergraduate Studies
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  • For the 2023 Spring & Fall Application Fee (전형료) payment 

         => Please pay by Wire Transfer. Must use the info in the guideline. (하나은행 계좌를 꼭 이용하셔야 합니다)


  • 2023 Spring/Fall Undergraduate Freshman Admission Guideline (English/Korean)  외국인 신입학 모집 요강
  • 2023 Spring/Fall Undergraduate Transfer Admission Guideline (English/Korean) 외국인 편입학 모집  요강
  • 2023 Spring/Fall Undergraduate Admission Forms (Freshmen/Transfer) 외국인 지원서 양식


All files are attached in this post. Please download the files as you needed.


** Important notice**

1. All Int'l students who enter after 2020 Fall are obliged to have the Korean National Insurance & a Private insurance. And the Students are responsible for paying both insurance fees.

2. All Cornerstone scholarship applicants MUST submit a language test result. e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, IB, TEPS, TOPIK 

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