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1100 Handong Global University Holds International Forum 2022 on UNESCO UNITWIN Higher Education 영문 관리자 24 2022-08-22
1099 Handong Global University holds an inauguration ceremony for the new President, Choi Do-sung. 영문 관리자 91 2022-02-09
1098 Handong Global University Holds an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Workshop for Cultivating Next Generation Entrepreneurs in Rwanda and Indonesia 영문 관리자 29 2021-05-24
1097 Handong Global University Hosts a Special Lecture by Damir Kusen, the Croatian Ambassador to South Korea 영문 관리자 22 2021-05-20
1096 Handong Global University Holds a Special Workshop to Foster Global Leadership 영문 관리자 17 2021-05-20
1095 Handong Global University Hosts a Workshop for the Sustainable Development of Myanmar with Burmese and International Students 영문 관리자 16 2021-05-20
1094 Handong Global University and the University of the Assumption of the Philippines holds the Social Creatinnovation Camp 영문 관리자 27 2021-05-18
1093 Handong Global University holds a non-face-to-face special lecture for the students of the Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship of Uzbekistan 영문 관리자 20 2021-05-17
1092 Handong Global University Signs a Business Agreement with the PAUA Foundation for Educational Cooperation 영문 관리자 18 2021-05-13
1091 Handong Global University Signs a Business Agreement with the World Holy City Movement for the Education of Alternative Schools in Churches 영문 관리자 125 2021-05-10
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