Handong in the News
Handong In The News
865 Handong Global University held a ground-breaking ceremony for the ‘Ban Ki-moon Global Education Institute in Support of UNAI' 영문 관리자 38 2017-07-12
864 The Gyeongsang Province Educational Donation Center of Handong Global University 영문 관리자 10 2017-07-07
863 Handong Global University Hosts Global Entrepreneurship Training with South African Students 영문 관리자 12 2017-07-07
862 [Donga Ilbo] Cultivating leaders like Ban Ki-moon 영문 관리자 17 2017-07-04
861 Black corn was developed by Kim Soon-Kwon, Chair Professor of Handong Global University, and has been proven effective for diabetes 영문 관리자 19 2017-07-03
860 Lowest college dropouts ranking 1st Seoul University, 2nd Handong University 영문 관리자 86 2017-06-26
859 [Korea JoongAng Daily] Colleges with low dropout rates: No.1 Seoul National University, No.2 Handong Global University 영문 관리자 52 2017-06-19
858 [Edaily] Newly Rising Handong Global University's Student Satisfaction Rate Higher than Yonsei University and Korea University 영문 관리자 89 2017-06-07
857 Handong and Sookmyung Women’s University held UNESCO UNITWIN joint seminar. 영문 관리자 76 2017-05-31
856 Fourth Year in a row, HGU Designated as a Contributing College for Higher Education 영문 관리자 128 2017-05-18
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