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1007 Handong Global University Opens Shalom Center to Cope with Sexual Violence in School, and to Foster Healthy Sex Culture 영문 관리자 42 2020-01-16
1006 MOU Signed for the Cooperation of Academic Exchanges between HGU and Korea National University of Arts 영문 관리자 41 2020-01-16
1005 President and Professors of Yangon Technological University visits Handong 영문 관리자 33 2020-01-16
1004 Prof. Kim Soon Kwon, HGU Chair Professor, donates 1000 species of Genetic Corn Resources to 5 Countries in Africa 영문 관리자 32 2020-01-16
1003 Distinguished Lecture 2019 given by Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations at HGU IGE 영문 관리자 30 2020-01-16
1002 HGU will host 'Festival of Nations', where the Culture of 13 Countries converge 영문 관리자 12 2020-01-16
1001 HGU Professor Lee Jung-min has initated the new journey of Leber Congenital Amaurosis treatment. 영문 관리자 207 2019-11-15
1000 Handong Global University hosted ‘Peace Economy of Korean Peninsula Conference’ discussing about activation of inter-Korean economic cooperation 영문 관리자 184 2019-11-11
999 Handong University held 'Handong Symposium on International Development Cooperation' in success 영문 관리자 181 2019-11-08
998 Handong Global University hosts an International Development Cooperation Symposium in Vietnam for Sustainable City Development 영문 관리자 155 2019-11-04
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