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Notice Handong Global University Selected as an IEQAS-Accredited University 영문 관리자 246 2023-03-23
1120 Handong Global University Holds a Data Analytics Camp in Cambodia 영문 관리자 16 2023-05-11
1119 Handong Global University Holds 2023 Next Generation Entrepreneurship Training in Laos 영문 관리자 40 2023-04-27
1118 Students of Handong Global University Captivate Thailand with Lively Cultural Performances 영문 관리자 32 2023-04-27
1117 Handong Global University Acquired ‘All Pass’ in 3-Cycle University Institutional Evaluation Certification 영문 관리자 20 2023-04-27
1116 A Student Team from Handong Global University Won the Minister of Foreign Affairs Award with the Song Written and Composed by Themselves called, ‘Every Color in Africa’ 영문 관리자 68 2023-03-20
1115 Professor In-Ho Song of Handong Global University Received a Commendation from the Minister of Unification 영문 관리자 61 2023-03-10
1114 Handong Global University and International Corn Foundation Succeeded in Breeding Outstanding Corn Varieties Adapted to Ukraine 영문 관리자 72 2023-02-13
1113 100% autonomous major selection, Handong Global University starts accepting regular applications from December 29th 영문 관리자 61 2023-02-07
1112 Resident Company of Techno Business Incubator of Handong Global University, Midbar Co., Ltd, is selected as ‘2022 UAE Food Tech Challenge’ Top 30 Company 영문 관리자 29 2023-02-07
1111 Handong Global University Holds Next-Generation Entrepreneurship Program in Indonesia 영문 관리자 36 2023-02-07
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