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972 Handong Global University holds Entrepreneur’s Training Program in Papua New Guinea 영문 관리자 119 2019-07-19
971 Handong Global University holds Global Entrepreneurship Training Program in Cameroon 영문 관리자 98 2019-07-19
970 Handong Global University, stretching out to the world, to build Sejong Institute in the U.S.A. 영문 관리자 105 2019-07-19
969 The First President of Handong Global University, Dr. Young-Gil Kim have Passed Away 영문 관리자 206 2019-06-30
968 Handong International Law School, 29 Alumni Passes US Bar Exam 영문 관리자 171 2019-05-29
967 Handong Global University, Opened UNAI Ban Ki-Moon Institute for Global Education (IGE), to Educate Holistic Global Citizens, Global Personages Gathered in Handong Global University 영문 관리자 165 2019-05-29
966 Handong Global University, Confers Honorary Doctorate Degree to Vice President Samaranch of IOC 영문 관리자 101 2019-05-29
965 Handong Graduate School of Interpretation & Translation, Provides Interpretation Support at UNAI Ban Ki-Moon Institute for Global Education 영문 관리자 102 2019-05-29
964 Handong Global University’s Student Government Visits the Korean Red Cross during Unification Education Week 영문 관리자 78 2019-05-28
963 President Chang Soon-Heung of HGU Shows a Steady Communication with Students 영문 관리자 42 2019-05-16
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