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1073 Handong Global University Life Science Lab is Selected as the Winner of the Innovative Science Technology to Solve Human Conundrum Contest 영문 관리자 19 2020-12-30
1072 Handong Global University, Agreement Signed with E-Land for Business and Technology Cooperation 영문 관리자 7 2020-12-11
1071 Handong Global University recognized for Excellency in Entrepreneurship Education within SW Focused University 영문 관리자 11 2020-12-07
1070 Handong and KAFA signed an agreement to establish a global innovation institute of higher education 영문 관리자 5 2020-12-04
1069 The Reason Why Handong Global University, “A University That Teaches Well,” Is on a Roll 영문 관리자 22 2020-12-03
1068 Handong Global University Holds Online and Offline Joint Seminar with Indonesia UNKRISWINA University on Agricultural Development 영문 관리자 9 2020-11-25
1067 Handong Global University, Final Selection and Agreement of 4th stage BK21 Business Completed 영문 관리자 34 2020-11-24
1066 Handong Global University hosts the Fall 2020 Next Generation Entrepreneur Training 영문 관리자 19 2020-11-24
1065 Handong Global University held the 2020 joint seminar on “Innovation for Higher Education in the Post COVID-19 era” 영문 관리자 15 2020-11-13
1064 Handong Global University Hosted Handong International Development Cooperation Conference for the Public Officials of Developing Countries 영문 관리자 14 2020-11-12
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