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1091 Handong Global University Signs a Business Agreement with the World Holy City Movement for the Education of Alternative Schools in Churches 영문 관리자 47 2021-05-10
1090 Handong Global University Produces a Successful Candidate of the Diplomatic Selection Exam 영문 관리자 28 2021-05-06
1089 Handong Global University Holds Workshop to Empower Local Start-up Capability of Africa 영문 관리자 17 2021-05-03
1088 UN Department of Public Information: “Handong Global University Narrows the Higher Education Gap in Rwanda through a Prompt Response to the COVID-19 Crisis” Published on the News Website 영문 관리자 25 2021-04-23
1087 Handong Global University Alumni Tsogtoo Unurzaya, the Consul of Mongolia, Visits Her Alma Mater 영문 관리자 27 2021-04-19
1086 Handong Global University Launches ‘119 Hero of Handong’ Campaign to Help an International Student 영문 관리자 22 2021-04-07
1085 Online workshop for joint curriculum held by Handong Global University and University of Finance and Economics, Mongolia 영문 관리자 23 2021-04-06
1084 Academic Research Team from the School of Life Science, Handong Global University, published a Thesis in an International Academic Journal 영문 관리자 22 2021-04-05
1083 Handong Graduate School of Education, Certified for IBDP Teacher Training Course 영문 관리자 21 2021-04-02
1082 [Yonhap News] Construction of the World’s First Plasma Biomass Power Plant at Taebaek Complete 영문 관리자 22 2021-04-02
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