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1078 Handong Global University Hosts the 2021 Next Generation Entrepreneurship Training Program 영문 관리자 23 2021-02-26
1077 Handong Global University Hosts the On·Offline Joint Seminar of Upgrading Community and Urban Environment with Mongolia International University 영문 관리자 17 2021-02-23
1076 Handong Global University Holds the 23rd Graduation Ceremony Online 영문 관리자 15 2021-02-22
1075 Handong Global University Hosts an Startup Capacity Building Workshop for the Community Development in Kumi, Uganda 영문 관리자 12 2021-02-08
1074 The Special Love of A 88-Years-Old Grandmother Who Warms Up Handong Global University through Knitting for the Past 8 Years 영문 관리자 13 2021-01-25
1073 Handong Global University Life Science Lab is Selected as the Winner of the Innovative Science Technology to Solve Human Conundrum Contest 영문 관리자 42 2020-12-30
1072 Handong Global University, Agreement Signed with E-Land for Business and Technology Cooperation 영문 관리자 14 2020-12-11
1071 Handong Global University recognized for Excellency in Entrepreneurship Education within SW Focused University 영문 관리자 19 2020-12-07
1070 Handong and KAFA signed an agreement to establish a global innovation institute of higher education 영문 관리자 12 2020-12-04
1069 The Reason Why Handong Global University, “A University That Teaches Well,” Is on a Roll 영문 관리자 31 2020-12-03
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