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HGU Received an A-Grade (Excellent) in Evaluation System for University Restructuring
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On August 31, HGU received an A-grade in the Evaluation System for university restructuring by the Ministry of Education. According to this result, HGU will be allowed to reduce the number of new entrants without a forced cut for the admissions quota.

First-grade schools are mostly located in capital areas and are usually large scale universities. HGU’s acquisition of an A-Grade is significant for a small-scale private university.

The Ministry of Education announced the restructuring evaluation results and measures of structural reform. The restructuring lowers student quotas at universities in line with the falling number of students and focuses on enhancing the quality of university education.  

The Ministry divided schools into five categories: A-Grade (95~100), B-Grade (above 90), C-Grade (less than 90), D-Grade (above 70), and E-Grade(less than 70). The evaluation results were an A-Grade: 34 universities, a B-Grade: 56 universities, a C-Grade: 36 universities, a D-Grade: 26 universities, an E-Grade: six universities, and Additional Measures are Required: five universities.

In this evaluation, HGU received a high score in every field: as educational conditions, academic management, student support, and educational achievements.

This achievement could possibly be due to HGU’s specialized measures which have been promoted so far. In fact, HGU secured the quality of education by filling full time faculty quotas, securing advanced classrooms, improving the educational infrastructure and promoting creative and converged education.

HGU’s rigid and systemized academic management is widely known in academic society. According to Kang-san Kim, student of the School of Computer and Electronics Engineering, “Whenever our class was canceled, we always make-up the missed class. We usually coordinated the make- up class time with all students and sometimes we met as late as Friday at 10 p.m. Back then, it was tiring but when I think about this now, I think that the professor had passion and showed responsibility. Thanks to his tireless efforts, I had an opportunity to learn my major thoroughly.”
HGU has been managing students’ attendance, absences, and lateness by establishing a smart campus based upon NFC infrastructure.

As a result of this systemic academic management, the students of HGU received high scores in K-CESA hosted by the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training. In addition, HGU had higher scores in the following areas: academic challenge, intellectual activities, active and cooperative learning, on the research conducted by the Korea National Institute for General Education.

President Soon-Heung Chang of HGU promoted the ‘Start-ups Project’ which is one of the top ten projects designed to change the world by stressing the importance of start-ups. As part of this project, the President delivered a lecture titled ‘Vision and Creative Convergence’. President Chang hosted the HGU start-ups competition and University Start-ups Competition for university students of Gyeongbuk Province, at HGU. Prize winners of the competition were dispatched to Silicon Valley, the cradle of start-ups and IT technology, in order to strengthen start-up competency. These efforts led to the high score in the area of jobs and start-ups.

President Chang said, “HGU has had a relatively short existence of twenty years. However, we are growing as a small and strong school. All of these accomplishments have been possible thanks to our tireless innovation in education and the fruit of passion and devotion. HGU will not be complacent. We will seek new changes in order to continue to be creative and converged in our education, to enhance the free semester system, and to prepare start-up training which is required in this era. “

HGU has achieved a ‘grand slam’ by being designated for the CK project, the ACE project, the LINC project, and the project that contributing as a university of higher education.
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