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Prof. Chang Kyu Yeol Received a Citation from the Major of Pohang
writer: 관리자   |   date: 2015.08.30   |   count: 969

On September 1, Prof. Chang Kyu Yeol, from the School of Communication Arts & Science, won a Citation from the Major of Pohang.
Prof. Chang worked as the Pohang Festival Chairperson. He also contributed to Pohang by planning and hosting the 12st Pohang International Fire & Light Festival successfully.

Prof. Chang served as the third chairman of the Pohang Festival Chairperson since last March. He tried to bring change to the Pohang International Fire & Light Festival which was watched by the citizens in the past. However, he changed the event to spur the participation of the citizens.

The Pohang City Festival Committee has been playing an important role supporting small scale festivals by hosting the Pohang International Fire & Light Festival and the Pohang Sunrise Festival.

Prof. Chang said, “I did what I had to do as the Chairman. Pohang has vast natural and industrial resources, various kinds of food, venues, and cultural assets. There is the possibility of spurring  more people to visit Korea and other countries by developing these festivals. “

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