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The Future of Hyungsan River Met for a Forum
writer: 관리자   |   date: 2015.09.01   |   count: 553
Last March, the Future Forum of Hyungsan River was initiated. A vision was born and a forum was created for mutual cooperation activities between the two cities of Pohang and Gyeongju.

On September 4, the Future Forum of Hyungsan River, consisting of experts and intellectuals of Pohang and Gyeongju, was held in All Nations Hall, HGU, Pohang. The theme was ‘Vision and Energy Cluster of Pohang and Gyeongju’.

The 400 participants included the Mayor of Pohang, Kangduk Lee; the Mayor of Gyeongju, Yangsik Choi; members of regional organizations and the other members of the Forum of Hyungsan River. Mr. Jaewan Park delivered a presentation entitled ‘Challenge and Strategies for the Korean Economy. Professor Jaeyoung Lee also gave a presentation entitled ‘Energy Cluster and Science Technology Cities of Pohang and Gyeongju.’

Through active and insightful discussion, the participants sought development measures for a new growth engine. The ideas focused on science and technology since both cities contain a cluster of nuclear, marine, and bio-energy initiatives.

Mr. Jaewan Park, the guest speaker and former Minister of Finance and Strategy, made suggestions for sustainable city development to overcome the current situation. His  ideas included advancing the industrial structure and upgrading the major industries between the two cities.

Professor Jaeyoung Lee and panelists look forward to mutual strategies for city development and mutual prosperity. The group actively participated active opinions from the members of Future Forum of Hyungsan River.

Future Forum of Hyungsan River is trying to its best to contribute to the development of the cities by establishing a group of dedicated experts. 
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