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[Edaily] Newly Rising Handong Global University's Student Satisfaction Rate Higher than Yonsei University and Korea University
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2017.06.07   |   count: 256

Just as student recruitment is important, so is it for colleges to keep enrolled students. The higher the number of students leave, the lower the student satisfaction of the school. Colleges of high student satisfaction tend to demonstrate low dropout rate. 


According to Edaily's research on '2016 Student Dropout Status' of 171 four-year colleges nationwide of which the student body is larger than 2000 students (including cyber universities), Handong Global University's dropout rate of 1.3% ranked the lowest among private colleges.


[Source: Edaily, Shin Hayoung, 5 June 2017]

Please Click HERE to read full article (in Korean).


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