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[Donga Ilbo] Cultivating leaders like Ban Ki-moon
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2017.07.04   |   count: 182

"I would like to cultivate individuals who not only properly understand future values pursued by the global society, but also possess both professional knowledge and character and promote them to international organizations and so on."


President of United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) Korea, Dr. Kim Young-Gil (78) who had served as the first president of Handong Global University (established in 1995) has just embarked on another 'educational experiment.' It is to create a new model for global education by founding Ban Ki-moon Global Education Institute (GEI), a convergence education institution for international human resources cultivation and global education, at Handong Global University. He has been recognized as an exemplary reformist for underscoring undergraduate-focused university education, majors-converged education, character and leadership education, and developing countries educational aid since early 1990s when he was preparing for a college establishment.



*Full article available at(in Korean): (Dong-A Daily, Lee Se-Hyung, 4 July, 2017)

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