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Handong Global University holds 10th ‘Creative Convergence Design Academy with alienated 90%’
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Handong Innovation Center for Engineering Education (Director of the center, Yong, Whan-Ki) held the ‘Creative Convergence Design Academy with alienated 90%’ discovering ideas for alienated 90% to let them enjoy benefits from more technology from July 13th to July 15th in the campus.


The academy, marking its 10th anniversary, was arranged to put students with diverse majors and expertise heads together and find realistic solutions for life problems of alienated people who cannot enjoy benefits of the age of science and technology.


This year, 15 teams and 66 people from 18 universities nationwide applied for participation and among them, final 4 teams holding a total of 17 people reached the finals. The judging committee selected the winning team by evaluating final teams’ suitability of proper technology, sustainability as well as availability, technological excellence, presentation and teamwork.




Hong, Joon-pyo (Korea University of Technology and Education), Yoon, Hye-jeong (Ewha Womans University), Oh, Jun-seok (Handong Global University), and Kang, Ha-neul (Handong Global University) took the grand prize for designing and proposing an instrument and a way of facilitating visually handicapped people riding a bus.


The gold prize was given to Jeong, Hye-lin (Gyeongsang National University), Lee, Han-sol (Yeungnam University), Jeong, Na-hyeon (Ewha Womans University), and Sim, Hyeon-woo (Korea University of Technology and Education) who together designed tool for collecting Roctar trees.


The silver prize was given to Kim, So-ram (Handong Global University), Oh, Seon-geun (Dongseo University), Oh, Ji-yoon (Pusan National University), and Oh, Jeong-soo (Inha University) who together designed desiccator for desiccating special crops of Laos.


The bronze prize was given to Nam, Yoon-chang (Yeungnam University), Son, Esther (Handong Global University), Cho, Hye-sang (Handong Global University), and Kang, Yeong-eun (Hanyang University) who tried to develop arsenic free drinking water device which removes arsenic from drinking groundwater.


This year, especially, a photo exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of Creative Convergence Design Academy was held to look back on last the academies. A forum was proceeded that was jointly hosted by Sharing & Technologies Inc., Christian Forum in Science and Engineering -a Christian science and technology organization and Handong Innovation Center for Engineering Education for seeking new 10 years from now.


At the forum, professor Kyeong, Jong-min from KAIST gave a presentation about the topic “The Amoeba Model for The Sociality of Humans and Corporations, and The Idea of ​Proper Technology”, professor Jang Soo-young from Pohang University of Science and Technology presented about “Open Innovation, Platform, Sixth Industry and Proper Technology”, and professor Han, Youn-Sik from Handong Global Univerity presented about “The Future of Science and Technology for Alienated Neighbors”. Through the presentation, they had time to share opinions about the direction of Creative Convergence Design Academy.


The director of Handong Innovation Center for Engineering Education, Yong, Whan-Ki who hosted the event said, “I am expecting that these kind of events where we put our heads together for the alienated 90% to be a possibility of improving the quality of life of the locals and to lead to human happiness.”


※ Roctar tree: grows wild in Nepal, and its bark is used for making papers in the local.


※ Arsenic free: Arsenic generated from underwater in Indochina Peninsula and Africa is fatal and the nation is suffering from skin cancer caused by it. Therefore, cheap equipment that can remove arsenic with ubiquitous technology is needed.

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