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Handong Global University Holds ‘Alternative School Teacher Training 2017’
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2017.08.10   |   count: 236



Handong Global University (president Chang Soon-Heung) carried out teacher training to strengthen the ability of alternative school teachers at the Pohang Best Western Hotel on the 7th of August. 


Handong Global University’s Office of Admission prepared the training to strengthen ties with alternative schools and the ability of alternative school teachers. 67 teachers from 40 alternative schools attended the training.


The Office of Admission supervisor of the training, composed the lectures with subjects which let alternative school teachers help students with their course and going to college, such as ‘current status and development direction of college admission’, ‘understanding of student general selection’, ‘introduction of college admission selection’, and ‘simulation of document evaluation’.


Kang, Doo-Pil, Dean of the Office of Admission, said “The program was a precious time of considering the education of alternative schools and seeking the direction of development with alternative school teachers.” He continued, “I will be lavish in supporting training programs or exchanges to strengthen alternative school teacher’s ability.”



Meanwhile, Handong Global University established alternative school special selection to let students, who were educated faithfully at alternative schools, come to college and selected 363 students from 2002 to 2016. In addition, Handong Global University is going to select 45 students, 12 more than the last year, in 2018 and in 2019, 70 students which is far expanded. More specific information can be found on Handong Global University's admission website.

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