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Handong Global University Completes Construction of the PRIME Building
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Tape cutting by HGU President Chang, Soon Heung and School Affairs Committee Members


Handong Global University (President Chang Soon-Heung) hosted a completion service for the construction of the PRIME Building on August 21, 2017. About 40 people including President Chang Soon-Heung, the school affairs committee members, the professors, the staff members, and the students attended this service in the PRIME building. The PRIME building, which was renovated and previously was the dormitory Ebenezer hall, started construction in March of 2017 and cost a total of 16 hundred thousand million won. This project proceeded as a relevant project for the Industrial needs-Matched Education program that Handong Global University was selected for in 2016.


Spanning a total size of 1,662㎡ surface area with four stories from the ground, the PRIME Building is planned with concepts of openness for enthusiastic discussions, absorption for research concentration, and communication for active exchanges between professors and students.  


On the first floor of the PRIME Building situate spaces for conferences and free discussions and for 3D printing labs; on the second floor are classrooms and computer labs; Open labs (COLLABORATORY) and professor offices on the third; the fourth floor is set up as space for corporate-designated student research labs.


President Chang Soon-Heung said: “I believe creativity can be fully demonstrated in spaces that have a high ceiling and open view. In this area, more students and professors will be able to focus on world-changing business venture and technology research.”


Exterior of the PRIME Building


The Industrial needs-Matched Education Program is a financial support program sponsored by the Ministry of Education with a purpose of inducing colleges to autonomously reform their academic structures in reflection of future needs and to reinforce student career competences along with academic capabilities.


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