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Handong Global University opens ‘Handong Citizen University’ for local resident
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2017.08.28   |   count: 240

As the average life span has increased recently, the baby boomers, who entered the 40s and 50s, expect a successful retirement however, the old age is being threatened due to low retirement age, lack of preparation for retirement, lack of education, and poor social conditions.


In order to solve this problem, the Lifelong Education Center (Director Cheol-won Hwang) of Handong Global University opened ‘Handong Citizen University’ which provides lifelong education programs for retired (planned) and unemployed people.


The prepared lecture is a ‘Happy Third Life Success Classroom’ which opens on September 13, and a ‘Infinite Imagination IoT (Internet of Things) Service Manpower Training Course’ which opens on September 14.


Students will learn how to design the right retirement life through the ‘Happy Third Life Success Classroom’, to establish a positive self-identity for successful retirement, to remove uncertainty about retirement, and to prepare for life after retirement.


In addition, Handong Global University have developed ‘Infinite Imagination IoT Service Manpower Training Course’ to prepare for a successful retirement by having the ability to apply to various fields of real life through the base of Internet of Things.


This citizen university is managed by Pohang City and is operated by the Lifelong Education Center at Handong Global University. The number of students to be recruited is 30 for each course. Anyone from Pohang can participate, and the tuition fee is fully supported by Gyeongsangbukdo and Pohang City. (Inquiries: 054-260-3044)


Director Cheol-won Hwang said, “Pohang is the most populous city among the 23 cities and counties in Gyeongsangbukdo, where the recent recession of the steel industry and the recession of regional enterprises is intensifying. We expect to see baby boomers in the region improve their understanding of the changing situation after retirement and provide tailored professional job training.” He also added, “I hope that the Handong Lifelong Education Center will help Pohang become a luxurious lifelong learning city and a happy learning city where citizens enjoy a happy life after retirement.”


*Course Registration (In Korean)

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