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‘Why do you live?’ KBS Soccer Commentator, Young-Pyo Lee Lectured at Handong University
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The student government of Handong Global University (President Ki-Chan Kim) invited Young-Pyo Lee, KBS commentator, to give a special lecture on August 29th in the auditorium of the All Nations Hall. The lecture, titled ‘Why Do You Live’, was the first in the fall semester as one of Handong Global University’s student government works, called ‘Handong, Learn’ which offers lectures on various subjects.

When Young-Pyo Lee, now a commentator, was a soccer player, he played a huge role in various parts of Europe, including the English Premier League, and he was a leading player in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. After retirement, he is having his second best time as a professional soccer commentator in KBS.

Young-Pyo Lee began the lecture with several questions. “What is success and what is effort? What is failure? Regarding those things, I can tell you a little bit about what I have been doing.” Mr. Lee explained his dream and the futility he felt when the dream came true. He talked about this ‘never-can-be-indulged dream’. When he became a national representative, he wanted to play in the game, and when he did play, he  only wanted to win no matter how good his skill level became.


Mr. Lee commented “Who I am, why I have to live, how I should live, and what I have to live for; if you don’t think deeply about these questions at your age, you will live a life that is swept away by the framework and regulations that the world demands. Also, whether your life is a failure or a success, you will be in your 70s, 80s and 90s, saying ‘life is in vain’ and die. I hope that people here live a life that doesn’t cause you to say that.”

Young-Pyo Lee commentator finished his lecture with an answer for the 19th questions. It was already two hours, having passed way over the expected time which was an hour and twenty minutes.


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