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Handong Global University signs an agreement with Uljin Flight Training Center of Korea Aviation College
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On September 4th (local time), Handong Global University (President Chang Soon-Heung) and the Uljin Flight Training Center in Gloria Educational Foundation (Chief Director Shin Dae-hyeon) of Korea Aviation College made a business agreement in order to train excellent aircraft experts.



This agreement ceremony, held in the Uljin Flight Training Center, had a total of 10 people from the two institutions that had participated, which included President Chang Soon-Heung, Chairman of School of Mechanical and Control System Engineering Kim Young-Keun, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Ra Won-Sang, Director of Uljin Flight Training center in Korea Aviation College Lee Geun-Seong, and Assistant Director Kim Jae-Yeon.



Due to this agreement, the two institutions will be striving together and helping one another to develop and operate programs. This will build field practice opportunities to train aircraft experts, and will also manage job experience programs.



President Chang Soon-Heung said, "Uljin Flight Training Center is producing many aircraft pilots because of its systematic education structure and excellent facilities. Also, it is situated in a relatively close place by Handong, which makes it a strong point". Moreover, he went on to say, "The school will be putting an effort and support to provide chances for many Handong University students for becoming aircraft experts."



Director Lee Geun-Seong said, "Uljin Flight Training Center of Korea Aviation College has the best facilities and education programs, which makes it the best flight training center within the country. Through this agreement, we will try our best on helping out talented students from Handong University to expand out for aviation fields."




Uljin Flight Center is an attached organization of the Korea Aviation College in Gyeongsangbuk-do Uljin-gun, which was initially founded to train aerial pilots. The Aviation College was built in 1990, and it is the institution that has won the industrial prize for the 2013 Occupation Ability Development Training. Also, it was selected as the official institution for educating aircraft experts by the Ministry of Land in 2014. In the college, about 80 staff and several facilities, such as 17 air crafts or hangers are now striving to train pilots.

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