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Handong Global University, 6th RPM Start-up Competition Prize winners to be dispatched to Silicon Valley and Israel.
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   On November 11th, Handong Global University held the 6th RPM Start-up Competition in conjunction with Pohang City on campus at Ebenezer Hall.  A total of 14 teams participated and presented their ideas to the attending judge panel composed of experts from each respective field, and to an audience evaluation team comprising of both Pohang citizens and Handong Global University students.


   ‘RPM’ is an abbreviation for ‘Revolutions per Minute,’ having to present many innovative ideas in only a few minutes’ time.


   Prior to the start of the competition, there was a ‘fondue time,’ of about 30 minutes, to enjoy theme-inspired desserts.  The competition was held in the following order: opening ceremony, 1-7 team elevator speech, 1-7 team presentation, 8-11 elevator speech, 8-11 team presentation, evaluation time, evaluators’ talk time, and award ceremony.


   Due to the short presentation time, the competition proceeded quickly.  Participants presented various ideas and answered questions from the evaluators.  After the presentation of each team, a panel of judges and an audience evaluation team were given time to evaluate.


   Go Young Ha, president of the Korea Business Angels Association, Kim Ho Min, a representative of SparkLabs, Lim Jung Wook, head of Start-up Alliance Center, Kang Min Ho, marketer ( and author of 변하는 것과 변하지 않는 것), and Yoo Jin Sang, Handong Global University Hebrew University Center Director, participated as judges.  Audience ratings were collected in real time, via remote control.


   The award ceremony was held after the talk time of the judge panel.  The honor award went to three teams: ‘CUSTOMIZER’, ‘SHARE LIFE’, and ‘MLB’ (Machine Learning for Blind).  Each team also received 1 million won in prize money, administered by both the mayor of Pohang and the president of the Korea Business Angels Association.


   Specially, MLB took home the championship, and received the privilege of traveling to Silicon Valley or Israel.  Silicon Valley and Israel are both places where start-ups are globally active.  It is an ideal place for advanced start-up culture experiences and actual start-up preparation.


   MLB will receive round-trip tickets and full local accommodation costs, as well as part of their living expenses.  Students will be able to visit successful start-ups, meet local entrepreneurs, and attend various start-up lectures.


   Representative Kim Ho Min said, “I do not think college students are solving other people’s problems frivolously.  To succeed, students should solve the problems that they are good at, what they like, and needed for society.”


   Oh Seon Taek, the presenter for MLB, mentioned, “We’ve got the slogan of engineering design for 90% of isolated people, so we gathered together and made a device for visually impaired people.  I appreciate that we won the competition, and I want and hope for the visually impaired, brought in part by our presented item.”


   Pohang City and Handong Global University jointly held the event to promote the start-up (start-up company) that could become a new growth engine for Pohang.  The RPM competition is conducted by 60mph, Handong Global University PRIME, Handong Global University Job Center, and the Business Support Team.


   The competition was sponsored by Gyeongbuk Creative Economic Innovation Center, Pohang, Creative Economic Innovation Center, and the Handong Global University CK University Specialization Project.

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