Ways to Give
Papyrus Basket
Handong Global University, a small but visionary institution, trains leaders who will change the world God’s way. Handong invites sponsors who will partner in this vision, either by making monthly donations of 10,000 KRW or more, or a one-time donation.
Handong Manna (Donation for food expenses of enrolled students)
Through Handong Manna, the Handong community and donors meet the needs of students in financial need facing the prospect of missing meals. Students use the campaign following the Handong Honour Code, and can receive a donation of 10,000 KRW which provides about three meals to a student.
Teamwork (Education · Mission Program)
In Handong, there are about 60 international students from developing countries, receiving knowledge, learning honesty, and finding out about God. As Paul supported Timothy to become a minister, donors can be Pauls for many ‘Timothys in this generation, who return to their countries and un-evangelised regions after spending time in Handong.
Joshua Scholarship (Supporting Missionary Kids and Pastor Kids)
There are many Missionary kids (MKs) and Pastors’ kids (PKs) in Handong (800 of them, about 19% of the student population, in 2018). As God encouraged Joshua by saying ‘be strong and courageous’ becoming a Joshua Scholarship supporter and prayer-force encourages MKs and PKs to become like Joshua in the world.
Academic Supporting Fee (1.2million KRW per year, 100,000 KRW monthly) | General donation (monthly 10.000 KRW or more)
Building Fund
HGU is a spiritual community where the majority of the students live on-campus in dormitories and learn as they live togetherA world-class library and academic buildings support their studies.
Ha Yong-jo Scholarship (Donation for academics, research, and international projects)
Rev. Ha Yong-jo, a gracious minister and preacher who clearly declared the Gospel of Jesus, dreamed of churches from the Book of Acts In a similar spirit of obedience, Handong seeks scholarship supporters willing to make disciples like Ha Yong-jo.
7000 Papyrus Basket
This is a campaign in which churches, institutions, and individuals can pray and support Handong financially in its vision to make a better educational environment. The donation can be made from 1 million KRW or more per year.
Handong Angel (Currently enrolled students)
This program is part of the Papyrus Basket Campaign specifically for enrolled students with donations of 1,000 KRW or more per month.
Boaz (large amount donation for general purpose)
The Biblical Ruth in the Old Testament walked in faith with her confession of “your God is my God,” and God blessed this woman of faith with Boaz. Handong is looking for donors like Boaz, willing to support Handong generously.
Handong-Moon (Alumni only)
Handong-Moon is part of the Papyrus Basket Donation Campaign limited to HGU alumni who can donate 10,000 KRW or more.
Handong The First Fruit (The first salary)
First Fruit Donation is a program for Handong Alumni who have who have moved back into society. As Abel offered the first fruit to God in Genesis with joy and thankfulness, this donation may be made to the school and for juniors with the same heart.
Designated Donation
A donor may designate the purpose to which donations should be applied. It recognises the donor’s vision to serve Handong and its students.
HGU Development Fund: Hana Bank 518-910007-34704

※ Papyrus Basket, 7000 Papyrus Basket, and Boaz will be used for the corporate body and management of the university.  Remaining donations will be used in the university  according to the donor’s wishes.
※ Development Fund and Tax | Donations are 100% statutory contributions, and may receive tax exemption according to the Income Tax Act.
※ Printed Donation Receipts can be issued on the website of HGU Development Fund or Hometax website of National Tax Service.
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