Academic System of Handong
Semester System
Handong's academic year consists of two regular semesters. Each semester is 16 weeks long, including the midterm and final week.
Spring Semester: March ~ June
Fall Semester: September ~ December
Course Registration
Course registration is conducted online in January (for Spring Semester) and July (for Fall Semester) and in-depth guidelines will be provided by Office of International Affairs once confirmed as exchange students. Almost all courses are open to students, unless it is restricted by the professor for a specific reason (e.g. requirement of a prerequisite course).
Handong offers over 150 English courses across a variety of majors. Korean language courses are also available from Level 1 (beginner) to Level 4 (intermediate).
Class Schedule
Each period is 1 hour and 15 minutes long, with 15 minutes of time between classes. Generally, classes are conducted twice a week during the same period. On Wednesdays, students usually attend team meeting and chapel​.

Following is an example of semester time table with 16 credits.
Period Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 (8:30-9:45)          
2 (10:00-11:15) Introduction to Education Art Therapy   Introduction to Education  
3 (11:30-12:45)   Art Therapy      
4 (13:00-14:15) International Business     International Business  
5 (14:30-15:45) Korean 1 Introduction to AI Programming Team Meeting Korean 1 Introduction to AI Programming
6 (16:00-17:45)     Chapel (Optional    
7 (17:30-18:45)          
The number of credits for each course is based on the number of class hours per week. Standard courses are usually 3 credits, equivalent to 2.5 class hours per week.
1 course = ~3 credits
3 credits = 2.5 hours per week (2 classes) = 40 hours per semester
Grade Calculation
While attendance, quizzes, exams, projects, assignments, etc. are all considered, the final decision on the assessment criteria is decided by the class professor. Upon arriving at HGU, please be sure to read the class syllabus carefully in order to not receive any disadvantages. Also, students are required to attend at least 75% of classes, and failure to do so will result in an automatic fail.
Grading Table
Grade Credits (4.5 Scale) Percentage
A+ 4.5 95 ~ 100%
A 4.0 90 ~ 94%
B+ 3.5 85 ~ 89%
B 3.0 80 ~ 84%
C+ 2.5 75 ~ 79%
C 2.0 70 ~ 74%
D+ 1.5 65 ~ 69%
D 1.0 60 ~ 64%
F 0 0 ~ 59%
P / PD - P = Pass / PD = Pass with Distinction
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