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Residence Card (ARC) is an identification card (ID card) for international students studying in Korea, which you must keep with you at all times, as it is a legal offense not to carry one (you may be fined).

All new Handong students will visit the immigration office to apply for their ARC during the orientation (iHanST) with the Office of International Affairs staff* and will receive the ARC after the orientation period. ARC shows the permitted period of your stay in the Republic of Korea, and you must depart the Republic of Korea before the date backside of the card expires OR extend your visa beforehand.

* Students who missed the orientation should visit the immigration office by themselves.

Required Documents will be completed with help from OIA during the Orientation
  • - Application Form
  • - Copy of Passport
  • - A Passport-sized Photo (35mm x 45mm)
  • - Application Fee (40,000 KRW)
  • - Proof of Residency
Loss of Residence Card
If you lose your Registration Card, you must report the loss to the Immigration Office within 14 days of the occurrence of loss. If you do not report within the given time period, you will be fined. To report the loss of your ARC and apply for re-issuance, please prepare the documents listed above and submit them to the Pohang Immigration Office.​
Immigration Duties of Visa Holders
You must report any changes to your identification of your foreigner registration, as listed below. The report must be made within 14 days of the occurrence of change, otherwise, you will be fined.
  • - Changes in name, gender, date of birth, nationality
  • - Changes in Passport Number, issuance date, or its expiration date
  • - Changes in the address of residence in Korea
  • - Changes in university or workplace
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