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What should I do if I lose my Alien Registration Card?
If you lose your Alien Registration Card, you must report the loss to the Immigration Office within 14 days of the occurrence of the loss. If you do not report within the given time period, you will be fined. To report the loss of your ARC and apply for re-issuance, please prepare the documents listed below and submit them to the Pohang Immigration Office.
• Passport
• Application form for re-issuance of Foreigner Registration card
• Document stating the reason for re-issuance application (where lost)
• 1 color photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm) (when your photo is more than 6 months old)
• Old registration card (if the existing card is rendered useless from wear/tear, lack of space, or change of details as per Article 35 Section 1 of the Act)
• Process fee: 30,000 KRW
What if the embassy (or Korean consulate) requires Visa Issuance Number
(Telex number or 사증발급인정서 in Korean) during the visa application process?
Handong does not proceed with a visa by issuing a telex number. If the embassy requires you to show a telex number to issue a student visa, please contact Handong Administration so that an OIA officer can call you on your next visit to the Korean embassy. The OIA staff will consult with the embassy directly.
Do I still need to obtain a student visa even if I have a proper Korean visa already?
This depends on what type of Korean visa you have now. Once you are accepted to Handong, and you already have a Korean visa, please contact
*If the visa you have is a traveling visa or visiting visa, you need to apply for a student visa.
Can I apply for a Korean student visa at the Korean consulate in another country (not my home country)?
Whichever country you are staying in; you may apply for a student visa at a Korean Consulate if you are registered as a foreigner in that country. If you are staying in that country temporarily as a tourist or short-term visitor, you cannot apply for a student visa at the Korean consulate. Handong recommends you let Administration know your travel plan in advance once you are accepted to HGU.
What if I have dual citizenship?
You need to choose one citizenship to apply for a visa and reside in South Korea. If you have applied for a visa with 'country A', you need to show a passport of the 'country A' when you come to South Korea.

* All visa-related documents should be filled out according to the information shown on the passport you have chosen to use. Korean embassies refer to the information on your passport, NOT your identity.
* If you have dual citizenship which includes Korean citizenship, you are considered a Korean, so you don't need to apply for a further visa.
Can I have a part-time job?
All international students who have a D-2 visa MUST obtain permission before working to the Office of International Affairs (OIA). To obtain permission, you need to submit the following forms and complete the necessary process before you begin your work.

• Required Documents: Application Form, Copy of certificate of business registration of your intended place of work, Contract form between students and your intended place of work (the form is available on HISNet OIA Info notice), ID card of the business owner, TOPIK/English Proficiency Test Score result
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