Symbols of Handong

Symbol Bird (校鳥)

The seagull, which is the school’s symbol bird, refers to a bird that belongs to the charadriiformes order, and the seagull family. There are about 86 known species across the world, and they reside mainly on beaches. Symbolizing youth and freedom leaping forward with an admirable dream and ambition, and a strong desire for truth, the seagull’s image well describes what Handong stands for: “new university, new education, and new goodness.

Symbol Flower (校花)

The Rugosa Rose, Handong’s symbol flower, is a deciduous shrub that belongs to the rose family. It grows to be up to 1.5 meters tall and has thorns • stinging hair and villus. Reddish purple flowers with a diameter of 6~9 centimeters bloom from May until July. Since the Rugosa Rose has a very strong smell, it’s also used as an ingredient for perfumes. Also, its aesthetically pleasing flower and fruits and a unique smell, which makes it an ideal decorative plant. The Rugosa Rose is a symbolistic flower that effectively delivers the passionate side of Handong with its deep scent and red colors. As of now, Rugosa Roses can be found in the flowerbed in the middle of the sidewalk that connects the student union building and Nehemiah Hall.

Symbol Tree (校木)

The sea pine tree, the symbol tree of Handong, is an evergreen, needle-leaf tree from the pine tree family. It got its name since it grows along the seaside. It’s also called the black pine tree from its black tree bark, or a bear pine tree from its coarse leaves, rougher than that of an average pine tree. The sea pine trees are spread in the islands of the southwest, but since they require a warmer environment than a pine tree, sea pine trees are spread until Uljin on the east coast, Namyang, Gyeonggi-do on the west coast. Pohang • Young-il area is famous for housing numerous sea pine trees. Their lifespan is over 300 years and are more majestic with a masculine elegance compared to the pine tree; they have been a symbol of integrity and fidelity as the head of other hundred trees. Furthermore, it’s one of the oldest kinds of tree and represents the everlasting growth of Handong Global University.

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