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Handong Global University Hosts Entrepreneurship Education Training in Uganda with Kumi University
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- From June 26th to 30th, a collaborative entrepreneurship education training was held in partnership with Kumi University in Uganda.
-Aimed at fostering entrepreneurial talents to lead Uganda's sustainable development through business knowledge.

(Photo 1) Group photo of 2023 Uganda Entrepreneurship Education and Training Program

Handong Global University (President Dosoung Choi) held a startup training program called "Startup Training for African Revival (STAR)" in collaboration with Kumi University in Kumi, Uganda, as part of the UNESCO UNITWIN project from June 26th to 30th.

The purpose of this event was to foster entrepreneurial talents leading Uganda's sustainable development through business knowledge. It was attended by over 100 students selected from Kumi University. The main programs included design thinking, business modeling, and business plan development as part of entrepreneurship education, along with group activities and the creation of work plans with outstanding local startup teams. Professor Sang Hwa Lee from the School of Global Entrepreneurship and ICT served as the main lecturer. The students of Kumi University formed groups and engaged in lively discussions and various business-related tasks, presenting diverse entrepreneurial ideas.

President Sekee Hong of Kumi University expressed his thoughts, saying, "Handong Global University and Kumi University are like brothers. This startup training program not only provides a special opportunity to broaden the thinking of Kumi University students but also raises expectations that through follow-up mentoring, they will develop even more entrepreneurial capabilities." Taban Franco Aligo, a Ugandan student who participated in the training, expressed gratitude, saying, "I was able to learn about the entrepreneurial spirit through this training."

Handong Global University plans to continue with focused entrepreneurship mentoring as a follow-up to this startup training program, even in the second half of the year, aiming to assist the entrepreneurial endeavors of outstanding local startup teams. The mentoring will involve not only professors from Handong Global University but also the participation of current students who will collaborate with the local startup teams, providing more sustained support.

(Picture 2) Students of Kumi University, Uganda listening to a lecture

UNITWIN (UNIversity TWInning and Networking) is a program created by UNESCO in 1992 to help universities in developing countries reduce knowledge gaps and develop their independence through networks with universities in developed countries. In Korea, Handong Global University was designated as the first UNITWIN-hosted university in 2007.

In addition, Handong Global University provides educational internationalization through designation of the first OECD intern dispatched university (2008), designation of UN Academic Impact university (2011), designation of UN depository library operating university (2014), UN NGO conference hosting university (2016), and opening of UNAI Ban Ki Moon Global Education Center (2019).

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