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Handong Global University Holds “Festival of Nations”
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“The Festival of Nations”, a unique global festival of HGU, is an annual occasion started by international students in 2011

Students participated in the “Festival of Nations”

On November 11th, Handong Global University held “Festival of Nations” in Hyoam Chapel. This annual festival marked the 13th anniversary this year, and it has become a unique global culture festival of HGU. The festival featured performances, exhibitions, and food booths, with international students teaming up by continent or region.

The theme of the festival was ‘Glimpses of the World’, highlighting the effort to experience cultures of many different nations with various unique attractions. Organized by the International Student Union (ISU) – a community of international students of HGU – and sponsored by the Unjung Education Foundation, the event featured eight cultural performances representing Korea, the Philippines, Mongolia, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Africa, and Latin America. The event began with a performance of “Samulnori” – a traditional Korean music performance – followed by traditional dances and videos in traditional costumes representing the country.

Not only HGU students and staffs, but also local citizens of Pohang were invited to the festival, making it an event that can be enjoyed by the local residents. It was also broadcasted live on YouTube so that more people could enjoy the event online. A food experience booth was also prepared before the festival so that people could taste and enjoy different foods around the world.

Shelton (21, Indonesia, the president of ISU), who organized the festival, remarked, “It was a meaningful time to introduce international students’ homeland cultures. I give thanks to heavenly father for guiding this event to be organized smoothly, and I would like to appreciate all the audiences participated in the festival.”

About 250 students from 50 different nations are currently enrolled in HGU. HGU offers globalization education programs in all departments and majors, and UNAI Global Education Institution offers a curriculum that emphasizes on global competency and world citizen education.

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