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Pastor Eunjo Park Appointed as Dean of Chapel and Chair Professor at Handong Global University
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(Photo) Pastor Eunjo Park takes office as Dean of Chapel at Handong Global University

Pastor Eun Jo Park, well-known in the Korean Christian community for his faith in mission and leadership, will assume the position of Dean of Chapel and Chair Professor at Handong University starting from February 1st.

Pastor Park graduated from Korea Theological Seminary and commenced his ministry at Seoul Youngdong Church in 1981. Over the course of about 42 years, he served in pastoral roles until his retirement in May 2019, during which time he founded and led the pioneering church, Sammul Church. During his tenure, he founded and established schools such as Sammul Elementary, Middle, and High School, as well as Eunhye Sammul Elementary School, contributing significantly to Christian education for the next generation. Even after retirement, he continued his missionary work as Director of Global Moon Do House, cultivating pastors and theologians, and serving as the chairman of missionary organizations in China and Afghanistan, demonstrating his continued dedication to the next generation and missionary calling.

Pastor Park expressed his gratitude, stating, "I believe that serving at Handong Global University is entirely God's calling. I humbly request prayers that God, who has called His insufficient servant and entrusted with a mission, to also grant faith, wisdom, and a heart of love."

Celebrating its 29th anniversary this year, Handong Global University reaffirmed its Christian identity as a university and expressed its determination to strengthen campus worship and biblical teaching. With the appointment of Pastor Eunjo Park as the new Dean of Chapel, Handong Global University expressed expectations that his experience in missionary activities, church planting, and Christian education movements, including those in Afghanistan, will significantly contribute to the university's missionary calling in the field of education for the next generation.

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