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Freshmen from 35 Countries Showcase Global Diversity at Handong Global University
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- Among the 870 freshmen, 13% are from overseas schools including the United States, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, and Peru.
- The university offers 11 majors where students can earn their bachelor's degrees solely through English-taught classes, such as Information Technology, Global Management, and U.S. and International Law.

(Photo 1) Freshman representatives taking an oath at the 2024 Entrance Ceremony.

Handong Global University (President Dosoung Choi) held its entrance ceremony with 870 undergraduate students from 35 countries including Korea, the United States, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, and Peru on the 26th (Monday). Prior to the entrance ceremony, a flag parade of the freshmen's countries of origin led the procession, and the ceremony was conducted simultaneously in Korean and English.

Although located in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Handong Global University is a global campus where students from across the country and around the world are enrolled. Approximately 35% of the 2024 freshmen are from the Seoul metropolitan area, including Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon, and the proportion of students from overseas schools is also 13%. The diversity of the freshmen's home countries, including Korea, totaling 35 countries, highlights the diversity of Handong's campus.

Kaori Choque (21, Global Leadership School), who came from Peru, expressed anticipation, saying, "I learned about Handong Global University through a friend who was an exchange student here. I expect various job opportunities because there are majors to study in English."

(Photo 2) Participants in the freshman orientation program.

Handong Global University offers 11 majors such as Information Technology (IT), Global Management, and the U.S. and International Law (UIL) where degrees can be obtained through 100% English-taught classes, and approximately 41% of all classes are conducted in English. Not only foreign students but also domestic students must complete 25% of their classes in English, and they can build their global citizenship through activities such as overseas major volunteer work and a holistic global citizen education curriculum.

The fact that a global community of students from over 60 countries is living on campus is also considered one of Handong's charms. Hannah Currie (21, Global Leadership School), who came from North Carolina, USA, explained her reasons for choosing the university, saying, "I learned about Handong while doing volunteer work in Korea. The opportunity to experience various cultures from not only Korea but also other countries was a big advantage."

Handong Global University has been promoting global education since its establishment in 1995 with the educational philosophy of nurturing next-generation talents who will change the world. Graduates are active in global companies, NGOs, and international organizations in English-speaking countries, Europe, Africa, and beyond. It was the first institution in Korea to be designated as a global hub institution for higher education capacity development by the UN Academic Impact in 2010 and has maintained that status for 15 consecutive years. Currently, over 1,400 universities worldwide are participating in this program.

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