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A Dream of Promoting Korea Worldwide, Ye-eun Kim Selected as an Outstanding Participant in the 2023 King Sejong Institute Cultural Internship
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  • Every year, the Sejong Institute Foundation conducts the Sejong Institute Cultural Internship program in 244 Sejong Institutes across 82 countries worldwide.
  • There is a higher preference for traditional culture and traditional music rather than Korean variety shows and dramas, especially evident in Indonesia.

Ye-eun Kim, who majored in International Area Studies and Global Korean Studies at Handong Global University, was selected as an outstanding participant in the 2023 King Sejong Institute Cultural Internship program. The King Sejong Institute Cultural Internship program, conducted annually by the King Sejong Institute Foundation, an affiliated public institution under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, selects university students with majors or significant experience in cultural arts fields to dispatch them to 244 Sejong Institutes in 82 countries worldwide to promote Korean culture.

Ms. Kim previously served as a cultural intern teaching traditional dance at the King Sejong Institute in Tangerang, Indonesia, operated by Handong Global University in 2022. From September to December last year, she worked as an intern in the field of traditional culture at the King Sejong Institute in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she conducted classes on Korean traditional games, art, music, and introduced variety shows and dramas through Hallyu (Korean Wave) culture classes.

Ms. Kim expressed her gratitude, saying, "I was surprised to find that there is a higher preference for Korean traditional culture and traditional music classes than Hallyu culture. Through this experience, I learned about the reality of Korean culture and Korean language education in the world, and I was grateful to be able to enjoy the joy of learning and sharing."

Handong Global University, where Ms. Kim graduated, advocates the educational value of "learn to give," encouraging students to engage in educational volunteering and service activities in a global environment. Since its founding in 1995, the university has produced over 17,000 graduates who have pursued careers in various fields around the world, including English-speaking countries, Europe, and Africa, working in global corporations, NGOs, and international organizations.

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