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Handong Global University Lays Foundation for Global Green Island Project During Visit to Ulleungdo
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(Photo 1) The Promotion Team of the Global Green Island Project visited the site of Handong Global University’s Ulleung Campus

Handong Global University (President Dosoung Choi) conducted a field survey on March 27th and 28th for the "Ulleung Global Green Island" project, jointly pursued by Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and Ulleung County.

The delegation included President Dosoung Choi of Handong Global University, Dong-Gi Kim, Head of Local Policy Department in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Nam-Jun Cho, Director of the Nan-yang Engineering Center, and David Betstone, CEO of Hydra Energy, along with other key stakeholders, totaling about ten individuals who visited Ulleungdo directly. Led by Vice County Mayor Sang Yeon Park of Ulleung County, the survey team visited major sites and held discussions with local stakeholders.

Handong Global University operates a regional innovation semester program sending students to Ulleungdo. Students reside on Ulleungdo for a set period, collaborating with local students on project-based learning. During this visit, the Promotion Team explored potential lodging options for residence on the island and sites suitable for project execution and accommodation for faculty and students. Additionally, they inspected facilities at Donggwang Church Guesthouse on Bongnaegil Trail and visited sites for research and residential facilities in Hyunpori.

(Photo 2) Project-related companies, including Handong Global University, held a corporate briefing session at Ulleung-gun Office

At the Ulleungdo-Dokdo Marine Research Institute, a national research institution located in Ulleung County, discussions were held on potential projects for joint collaboration between Handong Global University, major companies, and the research institute. Furthermore, Ulleung County Hall organized a business briefing session for visiting companies and institutions to share their opinions on the county's changes and innovations with local residents.

Meanwhile, Ji-Hyang Lee, Chairperson of the Private Initiative Committee for Handong Global University's Ulleung Campus, expressed her willingness to actively support the successful implementation of the project, stating, "This visit, following the agreement ceremony last June, provided an opportunity to confirm the residents of Ulleungdo about our determination and potential for establishing the Ulleung Campus."

Handong Global University, which has proposed a university innovation model for bridging the education gap for marginalized groups, plans to offer various programs not only in education but also in English, Green Energy, and IT education for Ulleungdo students, residents, and tourists, as well as psychological counseling for children, women, and the elderly in the community.

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