President's Message
“See Globally, Educate Globally”

Hello, I'm Dosoung Choi, President of Handong Global University. I sincerely welcome everyone visiting Handong Global University's website.


It is essential to have the ability to face and solve practical problems when changing the world. Therefore, we need people with profound and broad perspectives who can see the problems of reality that happen where we are now, from the surrounding regions to the country and the world. Handong aims to contribute to the development of Korea and the local community by having "love" to serve neighbors and communities and "creativity" to solve problems and help others.


Universities in this era should play a leading role in creating new growth engine businesses in the region and fostering the necessary people of talent. We will try to become Handong Global University, which plays a role in contributing to society while directly solving realistic problems, not just studying far from real issues.


Through the convergence of personality and spirituality, we will do our best to develop and demonstrate talents that cultivate the fruits of life and help professors and students practice neighborhood love and local love by showing their abilities to the fullest. Once again, I would like to thank everyone for their great interest and encouragement in Handong Global University.


Dosoung Choi

Handong Global University

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