Global Convergence Studies
The Global Convergence Studies (GCS) major allows students to build a unique 100% English mediated major program, different from any of the official English mediated major programs offered by Handong Global University. An academic advisor gives support through 1:1 mentoring when designing the major. Furthermore, because the major curriculum consists of can embrace this major. Some examples of GCS majors are: Studies in Education, Christian Studies, Urban Planning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Film Studies, Culture and Conflict Resolution, International Finance Administration, Visual Communication and Design, and International Human Services Administration.

Global Convergence Studies (GCS) sees the significance and individuality of each student. GCS assists each student in the creation of a unique major so that they receive a Bachelor’s degree that prepares them for their career or entrance into graduate school. GCS accomplishes this by supporting students in creating their unique majors and walking alongside them as they complete their university work. Our educational goals are to enhance HGU education and career opportunities by encouraging students to create majors for themselves and to provide an incubator for ideas that diversify and strengthen HGU majors which attract international students. GCS courses provide a Christian understanding of vocation and assist students in apprehending a global context for their careers. GCS has enhanced HGU education through creative student-centered, self-designed, and interdisciplinary major courses.
Message from the Professor
The curriculum in GCS is a process that begins with discernment and ends with the fulfillment of each student’s career objective.
Generally, the curriculum is different for each GCS student, but follows the three building blocks of most of the majors at Handong Global University; Cornerstone, Keystone, and Capstone.

Cornerstone – Each student discerns their career vocation through meeting with their advising professor and completing the entry-level course Vision, Work and Calling. After identifying their future career and corresponding academic goals and objectives, the student begins developing and implementing a path to successfully enter that career, which could include graduate school. The student creates a course curriculum that begins with introductory courses in their created major. These courses are offered by HGU at the 10000 and 20000-course levels.

Keystone – The student then begins to take courses unique to their major, either at HGU continuing their studies at the 10,000 or 20,000 level or through HGU's extensive exchange program with associate colleges and universities throughout the world. All of the student's course work at this level is to help the student clearly apprehend their unique major. Furthermore, the student's advising professor continues to walk alongside the student providing support and direction.

Capstone – The final phase for the student’s is to complete the academic work at the 30000 and 40000 HGU courses level, and then to apply what has been learned through one of three different senior endeavors; internship, project, or thesis. The student chooses one depending on which creates the best advantage for their future success. An internship might be best for the student seeking an entry level position in their career. A project might best for the student whose academic work must include a significant project in their career portfolio. A thesis might be best for the student entering graduate studies. And still, through the student’s Capstone phase of their academic work their advising professor and now Capstone professor are walking alongside them towards graduation.

From the beginning to the end of the student’s academic work, the course curriculum is created for the student’s unique major which best complements the path towards their vocational career.
Story of Alumni
Portia Akua Yeboaa
Public Health and International Development, Class of 2023

The GCS program at Handong Global University provided me with the opportunity to craft a personalized major tailored to my interests. With the faculty’s support I was able to seamlessly blend my passion for public health and international development. Creating this major not only revealed the intricate link between health and international development, but also laid a vital foundation for my continued studies in these fields. As an international student, the privilege of taking all my classes in English proved invaluable. It was such a blessing to go through the GCS program.
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