Global Management
The Global Management (GM) major fosters talented individuals who improve humanity’s economic welfare through effective corporate activities in a global management environment. Business ethics based on a Christian worldview are instilled in students, cultivating competent professionals with enhanced capabilities to resolve practical problems in organizations.
Story of Alumni
Guo Shanshan (Class of 13)
My best memory at Handong was my global friends and professors. There were so many people with different cultures and customs, yet, we were all looking forward to making good friends and helping the needy ones. Studies were tough, but we survived because we had good friends to comfort and encourage each other with Godly love.

As for the professors, I can say that they were the best professors I've ever met. Imagine professors who invite you and your friends for lunch on Sunday, or ask you to come by their offices for coffee and chocolate after class, or they just come to your dorm and cook breakfast for everyone. They were not only teachers who shared their knowledge, but also mentors and good friends in our lives. We learned more about love by seeing how they served their families. The other memory which helped me grow was the importance of good communication. It is very needed when we had group projects or other conflicts with our roommates or friends. I learned it with pain though.

GM is a good choice for students because it provides a variety of courses related to business and management. It has the knowledge to help students understand what is going on in the economic world and company management sphere. It is very helpful for me in my work because it gave me a better and quicker understanding of what I am doing and how the company and business operates.
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