U.S. & International Law
The School of Law’s UIL courses are centered around US and International law and expose students to the study of law from a Christian perspective. In addition, through these courses, students gain important and relevant skills including the ability to think critically, to write with precision and clarity, understand and compose articulate arguments, and speak with confidence. These courses prepare students to excel in various specialized graduate schools at home and abroad, and become professionals who make a positive difference in this global era.
Message from the Professor
Prof. Angela Semee Kim
Students get exposed to the U.S. substantive courses which will include as I mention such as U.S. Constitutional Law, U.S. Torts, Property and so forth. International law courses include Human Rights, Children Rights, and North Korean Human Rights, Intellectual Property, International Social and Labor Law and so students get exposed not just to US Law but also International Law as well.

In the U.S. and International Law Departments, students get exposed to many opportunities. We have students getting exposed having the opportunity to go out and participate in international moot competitions.
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